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If you would like to get involved with DLS there are many things you can do. These range from fundraising for DLS, or raising awareness on and off line through to assisting DLS directly by volunteering for us. You could assist DLS by fund raising for DLS so that we can start providing advice again in some of the areas which we have had to halt providing advice. You could also assist DLS by making a donation or running the London Marathon or carrying out such events to raise money for DLS.


Please help to keep the great service that the Disability Law Service provides to those with disabilities and  their carers by donating and making sure this service continues. If you would like to know why this service is important then please look at our news section to see some of the issues that are facing our clients.

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DLS are currently recruiting volunteers. If you think you have relevant skills then please get in touch with us and we will contact you if something becomes available.

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We currently have one vacancy.

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London Marathon

Running the London Marathon can be a hugely rewarding experience, all the more so if you raise funds for a worthwhile cause.  Learn about running for DLS…

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