Training for Charities

Disability Law Service (DLS) prides itself on being able to provide bespoke training packages designed to help those working for charities understand the areas of law that are relevant to them.

Our training will deliver the following outcomes:

  • An ability to recognise when key legal issues arise;
  • Confidence in being able to deliver basic, accurate advice;
  • Understanding of what resources are available to you and your clients;
  • Knowledge of when it is appropriate to involve legal support, perhaps by way of a referral to DLS.

We are able to provide training in the areas set out below, each of which links to a typical seminar outline.  We do emphasise however that we can prepare training that is tailored to your needs.

Please enquire if you are interested by contacting Eric Appleby at

Personal data that you provide will be dealt with in accordance with our privacy policy which can be found here.

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