equal rights

Do you have problems staying in work?


Could those problems be solved if your employer made adjustments at work?


Your employer is obliged to make reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act so try our new automated legal service – WorkRights!

If you are a Disabled person then your employer must make reasonable adjustments to enable you to work comfortably and efficiently.

There are many adjustments that could be made; some examples include:

  • allowing flexible working
  • the provision of aids such as screen reading software
  • alterations to premises
  • adapting workplace policies
  • reviewing job duties
  • allowing time off for medical appointments

It could even be necessary for your employer to move you to another position, which could have higher pay.

The adjustments do have to be “reasonable”.  This is a legal test and WorkRights is here to help you with this and all the other legal aspects of making a claim for a reasonable adjustment.

WorkRights is a FREE automated legal service.  It will ask you a number of questions to see if you are eligible for reasonable adjustments.  It will provide help along the way and at the end, if appropriate, provide you with a letter you can send to your employer.

So please give WorkRights a try by clicking on the button below.

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