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“My volunteering at DLS has focused on employment cases, and I have found this very rewarding. I leave the DLS office feeling like my work has helped someone vulnerable and that an extremely stressful situation has been made that bit easier for them.”

– Daniel

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If you are a lawyer

Most lawyers are aware of their privileged position in society – the privilege of being able to provide legal advice and representation. Many lawyers are also aware that this privilege comes with important responsibilities to ensure that everyone is able to access legal advice and justice.

For lawyers who have undertaken training with DLS, we are offering the opportunity to work directly with disabled people who find it particularly difficult to access their rights and justice.

Working under the supervision of one of the members of our employment and discrimination team, volunteers will be able to engage directly with clients, prepare advice, represent clients at tribunals and, most importantly, experience the joy of making a real difference to someone’s life.

If you represent a business…

We believe that our proposition brings a number of business benefits.  We provide pro-bono work opportunities for lawyers who will often regard doing such work as an important part of their professional life, and can help to engage legal teams in corporate responsibility strategy in a way that provides broader professional experience.

Naturally, we are happy for companies to publicise any partnership with us that develops which will enhance reputation as well as giving a practical demonstration of corporate values.

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