Our Patrons: Rt. Hon. Sir Ed Davey MP

Sir Ed, whose distinguished parliamentary career began in 1997 and who has served on the cabinet as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, is a keen champion of the rights of disabled people.

Commenting on his new position, Sir Ed said: “Given that half of the people living in poverty in the UK are disabled or living with someone who is disabled, a service that provides free legal advice to disabled people and their carers is of huge importance.  For this reason I am proud to support Disability Law Service and delighted to be one of their patrons.”

Sir Ed, who is very much involved with our policy campaigns, added: “I know that Disability Law Service focus their campaigns on areas that require a deep understanding of the law and in this sense they are able to work on issues that other charities do not cover.  I will be endeavouring to work with them on their campaigns, to help secure support both inside and outside of parliament.”

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