Leanne’s Story

I have spinal cord paralysis, impaired vision and a speech impairment. I also have high blood pressure and kidney disease.

For 13 years I was receiving care from the Local Authority to support me with my personal care needs, shopping and cleaning.

“As I live alone and have limited speech and mobility I rely on carers to support me with my needs”

The Council wanted to review my needs which took place in my home. I noticed that the allocated social worker was not noting down what I was saying about my conditions and what I find difficulty in doing.

A week later I received a letter from the Local Authority saying that I was no longer entitled to support. I was shocked that the Local Authority would stop supporting me, and I was concerned for my health and safety.

“I was informed by the Local Authority that I was no longer entitled to any support”

I contacted the Disability Law Service and spoke to their Community Care team and explained my situation. A home visit was arranged where I could explain my case and provide my papers.

The Community Care team wrote to the Local Authority the same day requesting a re-assessment of my needs under S27 Care Act with an Independent Advocate present as the review was unlawful. They also requested that the Council consults with my medical professionals under Regulation 5 of the Care & Support (Assessment) Regulations 2014.

The legal letter explained that I am unable to meet the outcomes; managing and maintaining nutrition, developing and maintaining family or other personal relationships, maintaining personal hygiene and making use of necessary facilities or services in the local community.

“Leaving me without care services & failing to consider that I could not wash myself independently breached my rights under Article 3 & Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998”

The Council re-assessed my needs and provided me with interim support pending completion of the assessment.

My care package has been re-instated and I now have the support I need to manage my care needs.

“Thank you for supporting me in my case. I could not have done this without you”


Names have been changed to protect identity.
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