Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is the replacement benefit for the ‘Disability Living Allowance’ (DLA) for those aged between 16 and 64. This is not a means tested benefit, and so a person can be entitled to PIP even if they are working. Quite like the DLA, PIP comes in two components: Mobility and Care.  

To be entitled to PIP, a person must pass through 3 hurdles:

  1. The General Eligibility Criteria (this criteria includes having lived within the UK for 2 years etc.).
  2. Have a disability or condition which (check to see if your disability/illness has (or will) last long enough to fall within their 12 month criteria).
  3. Score enough descriptors (check to see if you obtain enough points when comparing your disability/health condition to their Care and Mobility checklist)

It is likely that you will have to go through a medical assessment for the DWP to consider whether you qualify for the PIP.

If you are successful, then you will be given an award which will be time limited for one or both components of the PIP.

The current rates of this benefits are below​

Daily living component

Daily living component  Weekly rate
Standard £55.65
Enhanced  £83.10

Mobility component

Mobility component      Weekly rate
Standard      £22.00
Enhanced      £58.00


You can apply for the PIP by calling the DWP on the below numbers:

Telephone: 0800 917 2222
Textphone: 0800 917 7777

​Please see our factsheet regarding Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for further details which you can find by going to our Factsheets section. We have also made a list (below) of a number of Government guides to PIP so that you have different perspectives on the process.

Helpful Links

Government overview for Personal Independence Payments

Government Personal Independence Payment Quick Guide

Government Full and Extensive Guide to Personal Independence Payments

Government Guidance for Health Assessors

DLA to PIP Map

Note: Most claimants are gradually being transferred from DLA to PIP – which is being done on a geographical basis. A map detailing when this transfer will take place, can be found at:


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