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Info Sheets

Advice in Scotland

Advice in Northern Ireland

Employment Law

Employment Rights Under the Equality Act

Reasonable Adjustments in Employment

Your Rights at Work and the Equality Act – Easy Words and Pictures Guide

Tribunal Tactics

Litigants in Person (Employment Law)

​Disability and Sickness Absence

Discrimination – Goods & Services

Public Sector Equality Duty

Financial Services and the Equality Act

Goods & Services and the Equality Act

Community Care Law (Pre Care Act 2014)

This section is currently being updated to take account of the new Care Act 2014 which affects decisions taken after the 1st April 2015.

Eligibility for Adult Social Care

NHS Responsibilities

Mental Capacity

Charges for Domiciliary Care Services

Lasting Power of Attorney

Disabled Facilities Grant

English Social Services Complaints Procedure

Assessments and Services for Disabled Children

Charges for Residential Accommodation

Welfare Benefits

Taking Your Benefits Abroad

Mandatory Reconsiderations for ESA (Physical Functions)

General Disability Factsheets

The Blue Badge Parking Scheme

A Guide to Driving Licenses

A Guide for Trusts

Human Rights Factsheets

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The Human Rights Act 1998