Free Full Legal Representation

DLS provides representation in community care law and employment law. Because DLS is a charity we have limited funding. The funding constraints mean we can only take on cases in the following areas of Community Care and Employment Law at present:

Community Care

(usually only in Greater London except in exceptional cases)

We currently only take on cases if the person is eligible for legal help / legal aid which is funded by the Legal Aid Agency.

To be eligible for Legal Aid funding in Community Care, your total disposable income must not exceed £733 and your savings/investment/capital must not exceed £8,000.

The rules for legal aid eligibility can be complex. For guidance as to whether you are eligible for legal aid please see look at the following pages:

Employment Law

(only within Greater London)

This has no financial eligibility test and we will take on your case where there are sufficient prospects of success, a long as our employment team has capacity.

If you would like us to take on your case in one of these areas please contact us on 0207 791 9800 or by email on for community care and on for employment law advice.

Other areas of law and outside of London:

If you are not in London or we are not able to take on your case for other reasons then you may be able to find another lawyer by calling 0345 345 4 345. You can also search for a lawyer using the find a legal advisor website.

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