Employment Law Training for Charities

Key Legal Concepts:

What is discrimination? – everyday versus legal definitions

What is a disability? – Equality Act definition

Basic employment rights – such as the right not to have unlawful deductions from salary, and the right not to suffer unfair dismissal – when will a dismissal be fair?

Equality Act rights:

  • Direct Discrimination – how to identify this
  • Indirect Discrimination
  • Reasonable adjustments (including what happens if there are changing demands?)
  • Discrimination Arising from Disability
  • Victimization
  • Harassment

Disclosing disability – the legal position

Practical Aspects

Whether to disclose a disability when applying for a post – pros and cons

When to disclose a disability if you are offered a role

  • Do you need adjustments to do the job?
  • Do others need to know of the disability in any event?

Help – for example, Access to Work

Getting adjustments made when in work

What to do if you have a job and become a disabled person

Sickness absence – practical considerations and adjustments

Raising complaints – grievances and the Employment Tribunal

Duration: 2½ hours

We charge very competitive rates to charities and other third sector organisations, please enquire if you are interested by contacting:

David Laurence, Partnerships Manager

020 7791 9829 

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