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Amanda’s Story – Employment Law

In 2002 Amanda was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and depression. Her Osteoarthritis was as a result of a fall at work which affected her right knee, toes, neck, lower back and both shoulders. Her disabilities affect her ability to carry out normal day to day activities such as, socialising, household chores, shopping and walking for long periods of time.

Amanda worked for her employer for 17 years and had always been open and honest about her condition but went on sick leave due to work related stress as she had no access to her disability equipment and was forced to carry out a duty which she was not able to do because of her disability.

She contacted the Disability Law Service who assessed the merits of her case and helped her with her claim. With the help of DLS, she successfully won compensation of £18,000 for injury to feelings and further awards for unlawful deduction to wages. Rarely awarded by Tribunals, she was re-instated and was successful in her claims for disability discrimination.

Amanda’s Story

Amy's Story - Community Care

Amy’s Story – Community Care

Amy was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user. She is hearing and speech impaired, doubly incontinent and has dysphagia requiring alternative forms of feeding (PEG). She has a learning difficulty and is unable to verbally communicate. As a result of her complex needs, she requires 24 hour support, hoist transfers and the assistance of two carers for all personal care and activities of daily living.

Amy lived in a two bedroom ground floor flat with her mother, stepfather and two twin sisters. Since 2005, the flat had not been adequate enough for Amy to manage her disabilities due to the cramped living conditions.

Amy’s parents instructed the Disability Law Service in April 2014 to help in their challenge to the Local Authority to provide Amy with suitable accommodation. DLS applied for funding to cover both Counsel and Occupational Therapist reports that proved that Amy’s property was not suitable. In less than two years, the Disability Law Service had resolved Amy’s family’s 10 year fight and were provided with a three bedroom property which is suitable for Amy. Click here to see our video about Amy’s story.

Amy’s Story

Jane’s Story – Community Care

Jane was born with numerous difficulties including; Autism, Fragile X Syndrome and speech and language difficulties. Her impairments have restricted her ability to comprehend or verbalise her needs and to relay her own wishes and feelings. Jane was receiving care services from the Local Authority who were also funding her stay at a Residential School. She stayed at this School for 3 years. The placement was due to come to an end in July 2015.

After 7 months of arguing with the Local Authority about my Jane’s options, her parents instructed the Disability Law Service to help in obtaining a suitable placement for Jane. Using the relevant legislation and guidance, the Disability Law Service successfully argued against the Local Authority’s failure to provide Jane with a placement to meet her needs and their failure to provide a budget that was suitable enough to cover all her care requirements.

After 1 year of fighting for Jane’s rights, Jane was awarded a placement in a home that was suitable to her needs and was awarded a budget that was enough to cover her care costs. She is now happy and settled in her home.

Jane’s Story

Jane's Story - Community Care