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Running the London Marathon can be a hugely rewarding experience, all the more so if you raise funds for a worthwhile cause.

So why choose to raise money for Disability Law Service?

A DLS runner's medal from the London Marathon.Each year we provide thousands of disabled people with free legal advice and information via our advice line. We also provide a vital casework service that has helped to achieve rulings that have benefited the lives of all disabled people. We directly intervene in 3,000 legal cases each year and have an 80% success rate. For more about our impact please see this link.

Demand for our service continues to grow and in order to meet this demand, we need to continuously raise funds.


DLS London Marathon runner Charlie during the marathon.Your commitment to running the London Marathon could not be better complemented than by a commitment to raise money for our cause.  You will do so in the confidence that 97.2% of funds raised will be spent on the service we provide.

All of our allocated spaces for the 2017 London Marathon have already been taken, but if you are running and are interested in raising money for DLS, then please contact us on the adjacent form.  Alternatively, if you are interested in taking one of our places for the 2018 marathon, then please check this page for details in future.

Support our 2017 Runners!

We are delighted to say that most of our 2017 London Marathon places have been allocated to enthusiastic runners and fund-raisers from leading law-firm Linklaters, a long-standing supporter of Disability Law Service.  Each member of the DLS Marathon team has committed to raise at least £1,500 and Linklaters have generously agreed to contribute an additional £500 per runner.

If you would like to support our team in the 2017 London Marathon, you will find their details and appropriate links below.



“I understand that DLS is currently the only charity providing full spectrum legal advice to persons with disabilities across the UK. The firm has worked with DLS for a number of years advising persons with disabilities on employment law and discrimination queries. Mental disability is something that I and my family have dealt with on a personal level. It is a topic that is still considered quite taboo. I feel that much more coverage is needed to improve the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses and disabilities generally. Charities like DLS provides legal support to those with disabilities and doing a tremendous job not only in providing legal access, but also in raising awareness of both physical and mental disabilities. Moreover, I have found through personal experience that raising money for smaller (and usually less well-known charities) has a much bigger impact. I understand that 97.2% of donations go directly into providing services to disabled people and I am proud to raise money for DLS.”



“My sister runs advocacy classes for the disabled in Leeds and I have become friends with individuals she also cares for. I know the hurdles they face and any and all support is extrememly appreciated. I think Disability Law Service is extremely instrumental in not just providing the services they need, but also in empowering individuals to use legal services which I know can be intimidating and complicated to navigate. I am running to support my sister and the people and networks that are helped.”



“As a solicitor familiar with the courts and those who have no difficulty getting  access to justice, I believe it is very important to provide access to justice for those who do have difficulty getting it. I’d like to help DLS in the good work that they do in whatever way I can.”



Alice Appleby

“During my time so far studying medicine, I’ve learnt a huge amount about the issues and barriers faced by the 11 million people with disabilities in the UK. They are far too often unlawfully denied care or have taken it away. This is care which they simply can not do without. At best, this results in them living in unacceptable situations and often there are more abhorrent consequences. Disability law service provides advice and representation to some of the most vulnerable people in society. DLS is an amazing charity, without them thousands of people with disabilities would go without essential support every year.”


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